Koya University hosts seminar on learning experiences

Published: November 18, 2023

Earlier this month the EPP team organised a one-day workshop on learning experiences for EPP researchers at Koya University.

During the first session the group were introduced to the concept of Adventure Therapy by guest speaker Matt Low. 

The session covered both the theoretical background and practical applications of Adventure Therapy, with a focus on the context of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) in a humanitarian setting. 

Participants learned about the principles and methods of Adventure Therapy and actively engaged in practical activities to better understand its implementation.

The second presentation was on Mental Health from an Occupational Health Perspective, delivered by Una Brown. 

This session involved discussion about the relationship between mental health and occupational health, and explored how work-related factors can impact mental wellbeing while providing insights into addressing such issues. 

Participants gained knowledge on the subject and possibly engaged in practical exercises or discussions.

A final session was presented by Gail Low, who introduced the theory and practice of Art Therapy, specifically in the context of the KRI. 

Participants can expect to learn about the underlying concepts and principles of Art Therapy, and how to participate in practical art therapy exercises.

EPP researcher, Mustafa Wshyar, who attended the session said: “Adventure Therapy made me think about inclusiveness as a very broad term when it comes to peace-building, especially when I saw how visually impaired people participated in hiking sessions, and the importance of such an activity in brining all the members of community together.”

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