Work underway to form Iraqi-Kurdistan research group

Published: July 7, 2023

A seminar to identify members of the Kurdistan research group has been heralded as a success.

As part of the Education, Peace and Politics (EPP) scheme, a specific research group studying education in the Kurdistan region of Iraq will join a wider network of education researchers.

Together with a core team of EPP members, potential researchers attended a seminar at Koya University this month to learn more about the initiative and share ideas for education research.

Throughout the day, attendees discussed challenges facing learning in the region.

Groups were formed to discuss challenges brought about by social-cultural divides and conflict with passionate discussions filling the room.

During the second part of the session, workgroups were formed to formulate ideas and promote detailed discussions about under-researched areas of learning.

Co-lead of the EPP project, Dr Kirmanj Sherko, said: “We’ve had a great start in finding some enthusiastic candidates here in Koya.

“It was wonderful to see so much passion and expertise in one room, which has filled me with confidence that we have plenty of hard-working and talented researchers in the region.’

He added: “We’ve heard some great contributions and will now work with potential researchers to further develop proposals over the coming months.”

Further seminars at Koya are scheduled throughout the year as work continues. The EPP project aims to form a base of expert researchers throughout Iraq.

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