EPP hosts seminar on quality research methods

Published: September 26, 2023

A research fellow from the Education, Peace and Politics research group (EPP) has delivered a weeklong training session with recent university graduates. 

Karwan Mustafa Saeed, a lecturer at the Faculty of Education at Koya University was thrilled to see both passion and budding expertise emerge from the group throughout the week. 

The graduates met at the Bold Research Institute in Erbil and discussed a broad range of topics relating to science-based research. The group mostly consisted of architecture graduates, demonstrating how the principles of quality scientific research are applicable to many academic fields. 

Topics discussed included fundamental aspects of evaluating research, including ways to identify quality research journals from disreputable ones. 

“. . .Quality research methods are essential to

many academic subjects”

Karwan explained: “I had an amazing opportunity to lead and deliver a 42-hour training course on the research process in six days to a group of talented and energized university graduates and lecturers at the Bold Research Studio in Erbil.”

Some of the topics discussed in detail included literature review, research methods, academic writing, ethical considerations in research, choosing a good research topic, journals indexing, publication strategies, among others.

Karwan said: “As a motivated group of architects, these young hardworking people will construct, design and carry out quality research in Kurdistan. They’ll base their work on scientific research findings and produce their very own products.”

“I enjoyed all the serious and seminal discussions with them. Their participation and deep questions were vital as well as insightful. It demonstrates how quality research methods are essential to many academic subjects.”

Karwan added: “It was truly an honour and a privilege to work with these young and bright minds for a whole week! I wish them all the very best in their endeavours.” 

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