Resource website for teachers launched

Published: May 9, 2023

An education website developed by members of the EPP team has been described as ‘wonderful’ as it is launched to teachers nationally.

The Iraqi Schools Project was created as a resource centre for teachers in the country. It features teaching guides, methods, approaches and stories of Inspirational teachers who fought against the odds to overcome challenges brought about by conflict and sectarianism.

The project was a joint venture between Ulster University and UNESCO, with oversight from the Iraqi Ministry of Education.

The website was created by members of the EPP team before the project began.  

The site is free to access and accessible in English and Arabic. The resources on the website were developed in unison with teachers from across Iraq, who were an integral sounding board in developing the materials. 

It is hoped the resources available could be a powerful tool in supporting teachers in their roles and promoting a healthy and safe teaching environment in the classroom.

Mosul headteacher Ali Mahir, who is featured as the one the ‘Inspirational Techers’ described the website as ‘wonderful’. Ali uses art and theatre to teach students in an engaging way and was integral in helping develop the resources.

Professor Kelsey Shanks, UNESCO Chair and co-lead of the EPP initiative, said: “We’re very proud that this website is up and running and has had lots of visitors.

“A lot of work has gone into providing materials that can foster social cohesion and equality in the classroom.

“We hope that word spreads among educators in Iraq and the site continues to be a useful website for guidance and approaches to learning.”

Click here to visit the website.

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