Understanding theories in education research 

Published: July 31, 2023

The Koya and Mosul research groups attended a second workshop last month in the pedagogy center at Koya University. 

This workshop was the third in a series that focused on education and peacebuilding, introducing the theoretical and analytical frameworks for researching the peacebuilding role of education.

During the first day the participants were introduced to the concept of peacebuilding and the central role that education can play in promoting peace. 

The facilitators explained the two faces of education, which include the potential for education to promote peace and create positive change, as well as the potential for education to perpetuate violence and conflict when not provided fairly or properly.

The concept of negative and positive peace was also discussed, with an emphasis on the importance of addressing the root causes of conflict to achieve sustainable peace. 

The group discussed the theoretical and conceptual framework known as the Four Rs by Novelli et al. Those letters standing for: Representation, reconciliation, recognition and redistribution. 

The second day of the workshop built on the knowledge gained in the first day and focused on the reconciliation aspect of the Four Rs framework, and how education can address the injustices of the past and the present.

Participants discussed applying theory in educational research and utilising theory in quantitative and qualitative research approaches. 

Through group discussions and individual reflections, participants were able to deepen their understanding of the role of education in peacebuilding and identify ways in which they can contribute to this important work in their own contexts. 

Overall, the second day of the workshop provided participants with a more nuanced understanding of the role of education in promoting reconciliation and addressing past injustices. 

They group gained valuable skills through applying theoretical frameworks to their own work, and research projects planned as part of their participation of EPP project. 

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