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Sherko Kirmanj

British Academy Bilateral Chair, Koya University

Kirmanj is currently British Academy Bilateral Chair in Education, Conflict, and Crisis, at Ulster University, UK; and Adjunct Professor, at Koya University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Sherko Kirmanj earned his Ph.D. in International Studies at the University of South Australia. He is the author of Identity and Nation in Iraq (in English 2013, the book is translated into Arabic, 2015); Islam, Politics, and State (in Arabic, 2021 ); Iraqi Identity: Ethnic and Sectarian Conflicts (in Kurdish, 2017); Politicisation of Islam (in Kurdish, 2005‎; 2nd ed. 2019‎).

Kirmanj has published thirteen articles and six book chapters in international refereed journals and academic volumes in English. At the same time, Kirmanj has published numerous newspaper and website articles in Kurdish.

He worked at the Ministry of Higher Education in Kurdistan Region as the manager of the Human Capacity Development Program in Higher Education (HCDP) and concurrently lectured at the College of Law and Politics at Salahaddin University, Iraq (2010-2012).

Kirmanj was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of South Australia (2012-2013) and a Senior Lecturer at the University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia (2013-2017). He was an Assistant Professor and the Head of the Department of International Relations, at the University of Sharjah in the UAE (2018-2022). 2022).