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Nidal Al Haj Sleiman

Research Fellow, Ulster University

Nidal Al Haj Sleiman is a British Academy Research Fellow at Ulster University and a PhD candidate at UCL.

Nidal’s current research examines critical education and educational leadership for social and cultural justice and peace building in conflict-affected areas. Her doctoral research focuses on the sociology of educational leadership and learning in multicultural schools in international contexts.

She is a co-founder of the SWANA Forum for Social Justice at UCL, an associate teaching fellow, and a member of the coordinating team of UCL Sociology network.

Nidal has worked as a teacher and a principal in Lebanon and Qatar for many years before starting her research journey and has contributed and to several educational professional and academic initiatives in Lebanon, Qatar, Iraq and the UK.

Her publications generally focus on educational leadership praxis and learning in pluralistic contexts through a sociological and socio-cultural justice perspective, and a political economy analysis of education in the Middle East.