Karwan Mustafa Saeed profile photo

Karwan Mustafa Saeed

Research Fellow, Koya University

Karwan Mustafa Saeed (PhD) earned his B.A. degree in Translation from Koya University in 2008, his master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in 2013, and his Ph.D. in TESOL from the School of Educational Studies at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2018.

 He was a lecturer at the Faculty of Education at Koya University. He was also a visiting lecturer at University of Raparin for two years. He has been working in the field of education for almost 15 years. Currently, he is a research fellow for the Koya – Ulster collaboration research project in the field of education and peace (March 2023 – March 2025).

His professional interest is in the realm of TESOL Education, English language education, teacher professional development, speaking proficiency, language testing, education and higher education, and language and education policy, and multidisciplinary research in the line of humanities and social sciences.

His works have appeared in a number of prestigious international WoS and Scopus indexed journals.