Photo of Mustafa Wshyar

Mustafa Wshyar

Research Fellow, Koya University

Mustafa Wshyar is a polyglot with over fifteen years of experience in teaching, research, educational consultation, translation, administration, and management. He holds a PhD in Literary and Cultural Studies from the University of Szeged in Hungary and an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. Currently, Mustafa is a Research Associate at Ulster University and Senior Lecturer at Koya University. 

Mustafa’s PhD research at the University of Szeged focused on the representation of violence in literary and cultural contexts, leading him to develop the concept of the “Literary Violence Triangle,” an analytical framework exploring trauma, war, conflict resolution, narratology, and recovery from traumatic experiences. 

As a Research Associate and Senior Lecturer, Mustafa’s research interests encompass peace education, conflict resolution, and literary and cultural studies. He has published and presented his research findings on multiple occasions and platforms. Furthermore, Mustafa has actively participated in various global training programs to enhance his leadership, managerial, communication, and administrative skills. He is fluent in English, Turkish, Arabic, and Kurdish languages. 

Notably, Mustafa is a distinguished member of the British Academy Early Career Researcher Network, highlighting his commitment to academic excellence. His exceptional contributions to academia, including the invention of the “Literary Violence Triangle” framework, solidify his standing within the academic community. Mustafa continues to actively engage in the pursuit of knowledge, participating in training programs and sharing his research on diverse platforms.